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Urban Business Institute is a business training and development agency with immense experience developing aspiring entrepreneurs and starting and growing small businesses within urban communities.

Our top-rated training includes a multitude of easy-to-understand cutting edge theories and best practices that places emphasis on the cultural needs of entrepreneurs from urban communities. As we deliver our strategies, we acknowledge and address the culture, challenges, struggles and limitations of minority entrepreneurs and work to conquer them. We ensure this specific group is prepared for many of the unspoken elements and disparities impeding them while they are doing business in and out of their communities. There is no other agency that is as effective as we are or that can compete with our approach and design.

Research shows that of the 80% of businesses that fail in their first 5 years, 73% of them are led by individuals who didnít come from entrepreneurial homes. The transition into entrepreneurship, as in anything, requires the individual to understand and be able adapt to an entrepreneurial culture if they expect to succeed. There are many things to learn in business and we leave no stones unturned.

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